Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
2/6/2017 Lu Dai, Ph.D. Candidate University of Kentucky "Effects of Fetal Ethanol Exposure on Behaviors and Brain Structure of C57BL/6 Mice" Toxicology and Cancer Biology
2/10/2017 Nathaniel Holcomb, Ph.D. Candidate University of Kentucky "Nucleotide excision repair: Impacts of environmental carcinogens and its role in cancer susceptibility in Appalachian Kentucky" Toxicology and Cancer Biology
2/13/2017 Chontida Yarana, Ph.D. Candidate University of Kentucky "Role of extracellular vesicles in chemotherapy-induced tissue injury" Toxicology and Cancer Biology
2/20/2017 Anthony Sinai, Ph.D. University of Kentucky "New insights into the architecture of the cell cycle in the protazoan Toxoplasma gondii exposed by the loss of an OTU-family deubiquitinase" Toxicology and Cancer Biology
2/27/2017 Jianhang Jia, Ph.D. University of Kentucky "Drosophila: a versatile model in cell biology and signaling" Toxicology and Cancer Biology
3/6/2017 Marjan Boerma, Ph.D. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences "Cardiovascular effects of low and high-dose radiaion" Daret St. Clair, Ph.D.
3/13/2017 Farrah Kheradmand, MD Baylor College of Medicine "Cigarette Smoke and DNA Cleavage Promote Lung Inflammation, Emphysema and Cancer Jian Fu, Ph.D.
3/20/2017 Siyuan Zhang, MD.,Ph.D. University of Notre Dame "Brain metastasis: from global metastasis landscape to molecular insights" Chengfeng Yang, Ph.D.
3/27/2017 Michael Borchers, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati “Cigarette Smoking Effects on the Pulmonary Immune Microenvironment” Jian Fu, Ph.D.
4/3/2017 Hyeong-Reh Kim, Ph.D. Wayne State University "A Novel Function of PDGF D in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis: New biology of an old growth factor family member" Qiou Wei, Ph.D.
4/10/2017 Daniel T. Starcyznowski, Ph.D. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center "Role of innate immune signaling pathways in the pathogenesis of hematologic malignancies" Ying Liang, MD/Ph.D.
4/17/2017 W. Keith Miskimins, Ph.D. University of South Dakota "Metformin and other metabolism-targeted drugs in cancer" Qiou Wei, Ph.D.
4/24/2017 Donna Zhang, Ph.D. University of Arizona "Nrf2 in Environmental Response and Disease Intervention Joy Zhang, Ph.D.