Special Problems in Toxicology

Exposure to and actual research experience in an area of toxicology other than that encountered by students in their thesis and dissertation research. (With permission of DGS)

Entrepreneurship and Management Technology Commercialization (3)

This course is a broad overview of the technology commercialization process with a hands-on opportunity to learn commercialization skills in a real-world environment that combines theory and practice. It is designed to cover the three primary phases of the commercialization process. The Assessment Module focuses on customer validation and market research, commercialization pathways, intellectual property, legal entities, strategic partnerships, and the business model canvas. The Business Planning Module provides an overview of accounting principles and pro forma statements, business plan elements, management teams, and advisory boards, go-to-market strategies, and licensing and royalties. The Capitalization Module focuses on funding strategies including federal and state programs, angel investors and venture capital, crowdfunding, and introduction to term sheets and valuation methods, and investor presentations.

The Policy Process

Broad-based course in public policy formulation and social planning. Emphasis is on the parameters of policy formulation as well as the social planning and impact variables. Both policy processes and relevant content areas will be stressed.


Research in Toxicology

Research will be conducted in specific areas of toxicology and cancer biology. Students will conduct independent, hypothesis-driven research, demonstrate the ability to read, understand and apply the scientific literature that is relevant to the research activities and demonstrate competency in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data that is relevant to the research activities.