Curriculum Overview

Faculty working through a problem


The following core courses provide foundational information and skill set in advanced forensic science, writing, communication, professionalism, ethics, legal perspectives, and workplace-specific laboratory skills. (22 credits) The courses listed in the Core Curriculum are required for both concentrations. Additional required courses specific to each concentration and electives are listed below.

The following courses in pharmacology, toxicology, and instrumentation relevant to advanced training in Forensic Toxicology/Chemistry are required for this concentration. 9 of your total hours are within this curriculum, 36 total hours are required for this concentration.

The following courses in genetics, molecular biology and instrumentation relevant to advanced training in Forensic/Analytical Genetics are required for this concentration. 12 of your total hours are within this curriculum, 37 total hours are required for this concentration.

Electives include the following courses related to research and current issues in the forensic disciplines and professional courses which can relate to the nature of the professional employment site in which the student is interning or contemplating a career. (3-5 credits total)

Internship Experiences
The internship component of the program provides the student with an opportunity for immersed participation in the professional work environment associated with laboratory practicing methods in forensic toxicology or analytical genetics. Through hands-on experience in a real work site, the student applies the formal classroom knowledge to the real work setting. The work/learning arrangement is supervised by a program faculty member plus the designated representative of the internship site, which will be private industry, governmental, hospital or other appropriate setting providing real-world training in practices and procedures of forensic toxicology or analytical genetics. Two internship experiences are required. Upon completion of the internship experiences, students and faculty will participate in a culminating poster session event focused on student presentations analyzing the internship activities.