NIEHS Training Grant

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The research activities of the entire faculty address fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms of toxicity, and importantly, the prevention of toxicity/disease induced by environmental agents. One important focus of the Training Grant Faculty is to enhance our understanding of the role of dietary modulators and nutritional factors in the molecular control of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in initiation and progression of environmentally induced disease processes such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. An additional key focus is the role of DNA damage and repair induced by classic environmental carcinogens, UV-radiation, and oxidative stress, in the development of toxic endpoints, primarily cancer, but is also now recognized as a component of neurodegenerative disease. These themes serve to provide opportunities for interactions and in-depth interdisciplinary approaches to research problems. While individual faculty are grouped under specific subheadings for the description of their research programs, many of these investigators combine several of these themes in their individual research programs. The result is a rich and fertile environment for the training of pre- and postdoctoral fellows who can draw on this breadth and expertise by participating in these research programs.
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