Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
1/14/2019 Dr. Xiaoqi Liu University of Kentucky Plk1, epigenetics and prostate cancer TCB
1/21/2019 Dr. Andrew Lane University of Kentucky Andrew Lane - Overview of Research Interests TCB
1/28/2019 Dr. Katherine King Baylor College of Medicine Hematopoietic stem cell responses to infections, inflammation, and the microbiome Dr. Liang
2/4/2019 Diane Begemann University of Kentucky TBD Dr. Kyprianou
2/11/2019 Dr. Yi Sun University of Michigan TBD Dr. Wei
2/18/2019 Alexandra Arenas University of Kentucky TBD Dr. Zhu
2/25/2019 Dr. Frank Ondrey Masonic Cancer Center TBD Dr. Izumi
3/4/2019 Dr. Gloria H. Su Columbia University TBD Dr. Wei
3/18/2019 Dr. Duane Hassane Cornell University TBD Dr. Orren
3/25/2019 Dr. Hannelore Heemers Cleveland Clinic TBD Dr. Liu
4/1/2019 Peter VanWei University of Kentucky TBD Dr. Joy Zhang
4/8/2019 Dr. Mark E. Hahn Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution TBD Dr. Shi
4/15/2019 Dr. Jian Xu UT Southwestern Medical Center TBD Dr. Liang
4/22/2019 Dr. Allen C. Gao University of California - Davis TBD Dr. Liu