Intracranial delivery of proteins and peptides as a therapy for neurodegenerative diseases.

Alteration of keratinocyte differentiation and senescence by the tumor promoter dioxin.

Real time in vivo measures of L-glutamate in the rat central nervous system using ceramic-based multisite microelectrode arrays.

Prenatal cocaine exposure alters potassium-evoked dopamine release dynamics in rat striatum.

Dioxin-induced immortalization of normal human keratinocytes and silencing of p53 and p16INK4a.

Aged F344 rats exhibit altered electrophysiological activity in locomotor-unrelated but not locomotor-related striatal neurons.

Ceramic-based multisite electrode arrays for chronic single-neuron recording.

Cytochrome P450 expression in human keratinocytes: an aryl hydrocarbon receptor perspective.

Beneficial effects of intraventricularly administered BMP-7 following a striatal 6-hydroxydopamine lesion.

The p53 inhibitor pifithrin-alpha is a potent agonist of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor.