Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
1/22/2018 Pankaj Seth, Ph.D. Harvard Medical School "Targeting Lactate Metabolism" Vivek Rangnekar, Ph.D.
1/29/2018 James M. Wells, Ph.D. Children's Hospital Research Foundation "Using pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues to study human gastrointestinal disease and diabetes" Andrew Lane, Ph.D.
2/5/2018 Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph.D. University of Kentucky "Evolving roles for satellite cells in skeletal muscle adaptation" Ying Liang, MD/Ph.D.
2/12/2018 Marco Clementino, Ph.D. Student University of Kentucky “ NAD-dependent Sirtuin 3 In Hexavalent Chromium Carcinogenesis” Joy Zhang, Ph.D.
2/19/2018 David Gius, M.D., Ph.D., Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine "SIRT3-MnSOD-Ac axis in Tamoxifen resistance and luminal B breast carcinogenesis" University of Kentucky, COM
2/26/2018 Reuben Kapur, Ph.D. Indiana University School of Medicine “Stress pathways in hematopoiesis” Ying Liang, MD/Ph.D.
3/5/2018 Christopher J. Bakkenist University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine "ATR kinase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer" Stuart Jarrett, Ph.D.
3/6/2018 Xiaoqi Lui, Ph.D. Purdue University "Polo-like Kinase 1: From Cell Biology to Cancer Therapeutics" DTCB
3/12/2018 Rugang Zhang, Ph.D. The Wistar Institute "Epigenetic Approaches to Ovarian Cancer" Hsin-Sheng Yang, Ph.D.
3/19/2018 Rita Ghosh, Ph.D. University of Texas Health at San Antonio "Non-canonical roles of antioxidant enzymes in prostate cancer progression" Xianglin Shi, Ph.D.
3/26/2018 Yong Li, Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic “A TP53 Noncoding Germline Mutation: Beyond Li-Fraumeni Syndrome” Xianglin Shi, Ph.D.
4/2/2018 Joyce E. Ohm, Ph.D. Roswell Park Cancer Institute "Genetic and Environmental Reprogramming of the Cancer Epigenome" Chengfeng Yang, Ph.D.
4/9/2018 Fayyaz S. Sutterwala, MD/Ph.D. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “The NLRC4 inflammasome in response to tumors and infections” Jian Fu, Ph.D.
4/16/2018 Michael Kyba, Ph.D. University of Minnesota "Teratomas are a rich source of transplantable skeletal muscle stem cells" Ying Liang, MD/Ph.D.
4/30/2018 Anatoly Zhitkovich, Ph.D. Brown University "Genetics and Chemistry of Chromium Carcinogenesis " Chengfeng Yang, Ph.D.
7/18/2018 Jiwang Zhang, MD/PhD Loyola University Chicago "Bone Marrow Niche Signaling in the Regulation of Normal and Disease Hematopoiesis" DTCB