Congratulations to Christina Wicker

Congratulations to Christina Wicker who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation this week. Congratulations Dr. Wicker! And congratulations to Dr. Izumi for his excellent mentorship and Christina’s...

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UK Researchers Seek to Identify Ways to Relieve Post-Chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment

Of the 14 million cancer survivors in the United States, a significant number experience a serious side effect called chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment (CICI). While easily recognized, little is known...

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New Book by UK Faculty Member Guides STEM Students in Career Planning

A new book co-written by Nathan Vanderford, University of Kentucky assistant professor in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, guides STEM graduate and postdoctoral students in their career...

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UK Celebrates its 2017 Great Teacher Award Winners

Six University of Kentucky educators were named recipients of the UK Alumni Association 2017 Great Teacher Award Tuesday night.The recipients are:Richard Andreatta, College of Health Sciences - Communication...

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2016 toxicology qualify exam success

2016 Qualifying Exam Success!

Cheers to this year’s class of doctoral students in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology who have successfully passed their qualifying exam!Pictured from left to right are Marco Clementino,...

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Dr. Natasha Kyprianou Establishes Global Collaborations During Journey to Taiwan

Dr. Natasha Kyprianou, professor of Urology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Toxicology and Cancer Biology in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, recently was invited by the director of the Institute...

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Mary Vore, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology Retires

From left to right:  Drs. Kathy O’Connor, Hollie Swanson, Doug Andres, Jim Geddes, Mary Vore, Daret St. Clair and Nada Porter.  Dean Fred deBeer thanking Mary for her many years of service to U.K.Acknowledging...

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New UK Course Prepares PhDs for the Realities of a Crowded Job Market

In a recent article in the journal Nature Biotechnology, University of Kentucky Assistant Professor Nathan Vanderford and doctoral candidate Heather Norman-Burgdolf describe a course developed to help graduate...

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Orren/Machwe Study Linking Premature Aging and Cancer Development to Defective Telomeric Recombination Featured in Nature Communications

Led by Drs. David Orren and Amrita Machwe of the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology and the Markey Cancer Center and conducted jointly by recent Ph.D. graduate Deanna Edwards and Dr. Machwe, this...

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Toxicology and Cancer Biology Open House

Students and Faculty in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology held an Open House in August to meet with incoming first year graduate students. Oral and poster presentations highlighted the varied...

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Donghern Kim, Ph.D. selected 2nd Place Winner: Metals Specialty

Dr. Donghern Kim is selected 2nd place winner of the Metals Specialty Section Student Award in the Postdoctoral Scholar category for abstract “Chronic Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium Induced Angiogenesis via...

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Study Translates Genetic Risk Factor into Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Strategy

What if a failed leukemia drug could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? A team at the University of Kentucky recently led an effort to investigate this hypothesis. Their results were published today in...

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UK's Vanderford featured in Nature

Nathan Vanderford, assistant director for research at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center and assistant professor in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, has a featured article on...

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Mary Vore, PhD receives 2014 Willard Award

Mary Vore was recently awarded the 2014 William R. Willard Award. This award is the College’s highest honor given to individuals who have made singular contributions to the College’s missions in research,...

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Bridge to Doctorate Program Removes Barriers for Underrepresented Students in Biomedical Sciences

Growing up in the small rural town of Paintsville, Kentucky, Hilaree Frazier always loved science. She remembers that from a young age she was interested in pursing a PhD in science, but when she finished her...

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