Thesis and Dissertation

After the Final Examination is passed, the final copy of the dissertation is prepared. Final copies are then submitted to The Graduate School along with the signatures of the Major Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies. The dissertation in its final form must be received in The Graduate School Office within 60 days of the Final Examination. If this deadline is not met, the candidate must undergo a second examination. One final copy of the dissertation shall be provided by the student for the Toxicology Library.

Thesis and dissertations must be prepared in conformity with the instructions prepared by The Graduate School and presented in the leaflet "Instructions for the Preparation of Thesis and Dissertation" available in The Graduate School Office. Preparation of thesis/dissertation is to be in accordance with the requirements of The Graduate School. Tables, figures, references, footnotes, abbreviation, etc. must be in the form acceptable for publication in that journal. Students should refer to the "Information for Authors" published in each issue of TAP, and peruse several recent papers therein to assure that the style of the thesis/dissertation is in keeping with the requirements of the journal.

Effective the beginning of Fall Semester 2013, students will no longer have the option of submitting their thesis or dissertation in the traditional print format. For more information, please go